GO BPO Services

G O BPO Services Pvt Ltd (generally referred as GO BPO) is a customer oriented company which works in the following areas :

> Mobile Application Development

> Training & Development - eLearning

These services include a wide range of consulting services to improve Productivity, Retention and address other human capital management issues. They also include assessments, training and coaching for people as individuals or as a group. We promote the development of a positive relationship with each Client Company, employees and candidates, whom we support. Our support is fully customised to the client needs and we are sensitive to the needs of both our corporate and individual clients.


Constant learning and advancements has become a prerequisite of every industry. It has become a challenge for the management to keep their employees at par with the revolutionizing trends and innovations in the industry.

We understand that every company is unique and different in their work and processes thus in knowledge requirements also, even if it falls in the same industry segment. Clients expect trainers to understand subtle difference, at times the undefined and unsaid learning needs and assignments, and propose a customized business solutions that best suit the industry and individual needs.

We diligently work with our clients and target audience; attempt to overcome any practical difficulties for the learning solutions. Beyond knowledge delivery, we also offer continuous support and after training assessment reports, to give the client an edge over others.


Client: - A Large NBFC

Requirement: - Product Training

The client a subsidiary of a large MNC bank, a Non-Banking Financial Company sold various financial products across the world. The products sold were location specific. They wanted us over 300 employees...

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Client: - Large Technical Training Institute

Requirement: - Self-Enhancement Training

The client was a large Technical Training Institute. They were training engineers on various hardware technologies but were unable to place them in spite of the trained engineers being highly technically qualified...

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Client: - A Pioneer in Hospitality

Requirement: - Customer Orientation Training

The client is a pioneer in the hospitality sector with a famous landmark hotel in the city. They employed over 400 people. And most of the staff had been working at the establishment for 10-20 years. The client...

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Client: - Pioneer in Entertainment Industry

Requirement: - Customer Service Training

The client is a pioneer establishment in the city providing entertainment services to its customers. Chennai recently saw a large number of bigger national players coming into the entertainment industry...

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Client:-A Multinational Financial Services Company

Requirement: - Improve Product Selling Skills

The Client - A Bank Selling financial products like cards and other personal products. They wanted their partner employees to perform better and increase their market share. The training to focus on the product...

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Client: - Educational Institution

Requirement: - Teacher Training

The client is a large educational institution was launching a new brand of schools. This was a pre-school educational institute for children between 2-6 years. The launch of the school was planned a few months away...

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Client: - Construction Chemicals Company

Requirement: - Improve Professional Selling

The client is one of the first companies in India to manufacture construction chemicals in India. It produces a variety of products for almost every conceivable chemical requirement of building and construction...

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Client: - An International FMCG company

Requirement: - Improving People Managing skills– Being effective and innovative

A large FMCG company due to external factors was undergoing internal changes. They wanted us to improve their level 4&5 and level 6&7 of 100 odd personnel. This band consisted of the supervisors and managers...

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Client:-A Multinational financial services company

Requirement: - Improve Product Selling Skills – Activity based training

Our client was the first financial service company in the country. They wanted their employees to not only perform better but also conquer a completely new market....

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