E- Learning, A Technology based Training which can improve the knowledge sharing process at lower costs.

From the points given below if any two apply to you then elearning is for you:

> Employees are located at different locations

> Large number of Trainees

> High Attrition

> On regular intervals people join your organization

> Repetitive Training content

> Same training in multiple languages

> Very high end training – the trainers are not available easily

> Want to keep your cost low

> Employees in Different time Zones

> Employees cannot be spared for training for continues more than 4 hours.

> Employees are Unable to come to one location for training

> 24 x 7 Operations

If you have any of these two or more applicable to your organization then perhaps you need to look at eLearning.

Web based training provides the finest solution to cross the geographical barriers across the globe and facilitate effective knowledge delivery in the more cost effective way.

E – Learning not just refers to the learning platform, but it encompasses the complete roof for knowledge management, assessment mechanisms, information, communication, training, and even for performance management. It is the web enabled system, which ensures that information and knowledge are available to the people – when they need it anytime and anywhere.

This solution can also be implemented within your intranet to provide complete security of your data and the same will not be accessible to anyone outside of your organization.

At GO BPO Sevices, we offer complete end to end e- Learning solutions on client specific content development, online courses, Web based learning, SCORM Services (Content conversion to e learning), Strategic Consulting Services, assessment systems, scenario based learning, and many more. E Learning has widened its focus both into the corporate and academic worlds.

Classroom Training

A formal training in a Classroom environment.

This is the recommended model where trainees can assemble for the training at a particular place and specific schedule. This includes direct training sessions handled by domain experts in the respective field, workshops and can be combined with On-The-Job training.

Our trainers hold the sessions in an interactive way; so as to encourage the passive learners and facilitate open exchange of ideas where the learning gets transferred in the business environment.

Well organized training plan and customized contents, enables the trainees to obtain in-depth knowledge and skills in the respective area, within the shortest span. The class room trainings are generally supported by live case studies either from your company or from industry for a better understanding of finer points. Some times based on the needs special games are designed to make the trainees understand the specific concerns.

The right approach of training and intensive sessions ensure that the trainees go a long way in developing their critical skills throughout their profession.

Blended Learning Solutions

We strongly believe that training programs need to be designed and offered with the trainees in mind. Every program which is to be delivered should be based on the thorough analysis of trainees needs, expectations, organization needs, management facilities and trainees work practices. This defines the mode of learning methodologies whether to be face-to-face and / or e - learning.

Blended learning is a complete customized solution offered with a mixture of face-to face and online learning through a mix of media.

Based on the client needs we can combine the various methodologies to deliver an effective training programs.

Many a times you may like that training should be delivered by your in-house training team. We could join hands with them and design blended training programs where they use the repetitive training content on the elearning platform and use the classroom environment or on the job training to clarify the doubts and concerns.

Mobile Learning

M Learning - The one initiative to get knowledge in your pocket.

With the advancement on mobile phones, personal digital assistants and smart phones, learning and knowledge sharing has moved to next level into M learning or Mobile Learning.

The usage of mobile phones is very common among people, across generations. It is known and accepted; mobile phones have become a basic necessity of every individual to stay in connected with the rest of the world.

Mobile phones have moved into every walk of life; except for education in full fledge way. This led us to the launch Mobile learning. The courseware is made available and portable to the mobile devices; giving the utmost convenience to the learners.

Learning has become simpler, to who are passionate about it. Exporting expert developed contents into mobile phones also reduces the challenge of internet connection and network compatibility issues. However multiple platforms and operating systems along with different screen sizes create another kind of problem.

Key advantages on M Learning

>> Mobile devices being portable, personalized and powerful in communication gives extreme accessibility to users, whenever they want.

>> Organizations can leverage mobile and Internet enabled technology to address their training needs

>> M Learning can support any form of unique work-style requirements of the organization ranging from customer service to sales, engineering, marketing, finance and any other verticals

>> Just in information can reach the target audience in no time, without any additional technology or high end applications.